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Here we are going to share the seed,roots,stem,branches and leaves of a big tree called eCommerce. This is an industry which can change developing countries with the Distributor revolution. After Agriculture, Industrial, Information technology age now its distributor age which is going to uplift the per capita income of middle and lower middle class population. This is going to be THE industry for investors and country like India looking for the right player.
In this space we are going to KNOW MORE ABOUT RMP , the Asia’s NO.1 eCommerce company. We are sure that the contents here will be describing the width and depth of this company and its vision. RMP INFOTEC PVT.LTD. an ISO 9001:2008 company with FICCI & WTC membership shifted to top gear in this 10th year of successful journey. Company tied up with major brands in India which includes state Government also. The Future Group, one of the biggest retailer of India join hands with RMP in the year 2008 with a clear vision on the FMP (Family Mart Income) plans of the company. Last 9 years RMP created more than 2500 normal human beings earn more than a Crore after paying tax.
The country will be strong financially if its majority population is strong financially. Computer knowledge, English language, Population, Lac of opportunity, relationship values are the major factors in India which will help this Industry grow here. RMP business is not only network marketing but MLM with Organized retailing. Lets know more about it and be serious on this business.

“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.”

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