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REEL hero’s achievement supported by REAL hero RMP Infotec Pvt.Ltd.
RMP salutes and supports a well known and talented Kannada movie actor Mr.Shivrajkumar’s ( popularly called as Shivanna) 25 years in cinema. RMP -the factory of achievers , who has created lakhs of achievers in India and abroad not forgetting to support an event organised to appreciate the achievement this great artist has done in last 25 long years.

BBMP Hording with "RMP SHIVRAJKUMAR 25" March 2nd 2011 @ Palace grounds,Bangalore

Shivaraj Kumar is the son of legendary Kannada matinee Dr.Rajkumar. After his graduation from Madras University in 1983, Shivaraj Kumar, on the insistence of K.Balachander, joined an acting school in Madras.He never intended to join films as a hero, as he was suffering from inferiority complex with his looks and had apprehension that the people may not accept him as a hero. However, by the insistence of K. Balachander, he plunged into acting.

"Annavaru" , Dr.Rajkumar

Today with 100 Kannada films to his credit, Shivaraj Kumar has won 3 filmfare and three state awards in the best actor category. RMP wishing him a great future ahead and also hope that we will make a name in this state and among the people like his father
Padma Bhushan Dr.Rajkumar.
By conducting this event RMP’s message to public is that this company not only creates achievers but also appreciates and keep a step ahead to support achievers in other fields.RMP has great achievers from Karnataka state and it is dedicated to people who like to see a major growth in social, cultural and economic growth in this state and citizens.

March 2nd 2011 , Palace Grounds, Banagalore :
“RMP Shivrajkumar 25 years”



Central & State goverment Signatures

Indian Railways,abbreviated as IR , is the state-owned railway company of India, which owns and operates most of the country’s rail transport. It is overseen by the Ministry of Railways of the Government of India.Indian Railways has more than 64,015 kilometres of track and 6,909 stations. It has the world’s fourth largest railway network after those of the United States, Russia and China.It is one of the world’s largest commercial or utility employers, with more than 1.6 million employees.

Let us find how Indian Railways endorsing for RMP Infotec Pvt.Ltd. through the railway tickets.

Indian Railway ticket with RMP details

Indian Railway ticket with RMP details

Other than the association with Government of Karnataka through MSIL (Mysore Sales International Ltd.) a 100% Government organisation RMP Infotec is going ahead with other states as well Central Government Supports.
» “M.S.I.L” is a premier Government of Karnataka Marketing Organization dealing with various products & services
» A unique public sector enterprise of the Government of Karnataka
» Distinction of having earned profits consistently for nearly four decades
» Established in 1966 as a trading house
» Now has a wide network of offices all over Karnataka as well as some important locations in the country

Given below is the appreciation letter by Gujarat Chief Minister Mr.Narenda Modi

Letter from Gujarat Chief Minister

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A vision very clear

Kannada Prabha Newspaper 21 February 2011

Given is a message to Indians from the Director RMP Infotec Pvt Ltd. Mr.Praveen Chandan through Kannada newspaper “Kannada Prabha”.
Given below is the English translation of the report. Please understand the clear vision of this company towards the development of this country.

RMP an achievements and accolades-Praveen Chandan

Grow with us-This is the slogan of RMP Infotec Private Ltd and “Financial Freedom to our distributors”, is its mission. The company’s motto and mission reflects the reason for its being. Grow with us. Let’s all achieve financial freedom. This is truly a noble thought.

In the current socio economic conditions, there is selfishness everywhere.
This is eating up our society. We rarely meet people who are genuinely concerned towards others. Me, my family is all one is bothered about and working towards.
In such a scenario, where people are becoming self centered, no one come across this thought of grow with us.
But in RMP InfoTech Private Limited not only such thoughts and plans are often heard of but are also being implemented since many decades gone by.
Thousands of families have found a new dimension to their lives by becoming financially self reliable.
RMP InfoTech Private Limited is a NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY, founded by MAHAVEER METALS (I) Ltd in the year 1942. On the strengths of its thoughts, vision and selfless deeds, this network marketing company has become India’s biggest NM Company in a short span of 10 years.
RMP InfoTech Private Limited is India’s most successful network marketing company today and giants like Bajaj Alianz, TVS Motors, FUTURE Group, MSIL (Karnataka Government Venture) and many more partner companies are all praise for RMP because of its capability to handle the retail marketing of their products very efficiently and profitably.
Inspired from the company’s success in Dubai, the Malaysian government has extended its invitation to RMP, to commence its business in their country too.
According to Mr. Praveen Chandan- director administration RMP, “ This is the age of Open Market and there is tough competition in every retail field. The Profit Margin is very less and more and more manufacturing and retailing companies are finding it efficient and profitable to source their retailing to Multi marketing companies like RMP”.

Networking marketing company has a history of 75 years and it is working successfully in 150 countries and within their jurisdiction.
Many industrial giants like Microsoft, AT & T, Gillette, COCA COLA, Hindustan Uniliver Ltd are in this field. Today this is a 100 crore dollar industry. Crores of people have been doing this business and many educational Universities in India also have adapted this subject in their curriculum.
World leaders Like America’s former president Bill Clinton, Warren Buffet and multi billionaires like Donald Trump, World Known Economist like Robert Kiyosaki have strongly recommended this strategy.
This is a mass employment drive which can only be built by giving employment opportunities of hundreds and thousands of people.
In India, network marketing started in the year 1995.
RMP’s contribution to our country has been vastly appreciated. RMP holds the membership of highly acclaimed commercial institutions like FICCI and WTC.
Not only these but RMP has been appreciated by the department of Income Tax for its prompt payment of due taxes every year.
RMP has also been certified with ISO 9001-2000 for its quality.
India has a population of 120 crore, to which the youth of the country contribute to about 52%. “Our social and Private Limited companies can not create as big business opportunities as RMP can. The Naxalites and Terrorists are taking wrong advantage of this Unemployment situation in the country and forcing the youth to take up the extreme steps. In such circumstances like this was RMP founded with the main intention of solving the unemployment crisis by creating employment opportunities”, says Mr. Praveen Chandan.
This sincere effort to strength the individuals and thereby strengthening our nation has been whole heartedly appreciated by the Speakers of Vidhana Sabha from the Govt. of Karnataka and Kerala and also by the chief Minister of Gujarat.

The people from the west say “its not only Indians that you find in India but people from various castes, levels, religion and language that are scattered all over India. They posses this great sense of nationality and unity only when they land up in foreign lands”.
RMP has been organizing Incentive foreign trips for its achievers every year and in this group, for 75% of people, this is the first ever aerial journey in their lives and that is highly appreciated.
The effort of creating a vast community of tax payers in India is a good reason for all of us to understand the direct effects this company is going to cast on country’s economy.
This is the same reason why Mr. Praveen Chandan brought out a rule that anyone who wants to be a distributor of RMP should necessarily have a PAN Card, without which you can not join this business. The number of people who are applying every week to obtain PAN Card just to join this business are not less than 50,000.
Mr. Praveen Chandan confidently says that before 2015, he will create as many as one crore Citizens in India who will be paying their Income tax to the Indian Government.

RMP abides the law and order of every country’s constitution that it is operation in and as already said above it has the ISO 9001-2000 Certificate.
It is operative in India since the last 10 years and has been financial pillar of strength to lakh and crore of families. RMP has plans to expand its wings in every corner of the country and is prepared to face all the challenges of the market in a bold manner.
RMP has extended its helping hand whenever there was a social concern. It has donated 10 lakh rupees to the victims of Tsumani. It has also donated many Ambulances to be made available to the needy in different states in the country.
RMP show concerns over the Education of the underprivileged and has been giving scholarships to such. To bring light in the life of visually impaired people, the company has been donating sufficient amount of money to carry on optical surgeries in many parts of India.

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IDEAS-prototype of future

Nandan Nilekani, the visionary co-founder of outsourcing pioneer Infosys, explains four brands of ideas that will determine whether India can continue its recent breakneck progress.

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Its Global now !

A global business started from this Incredible India and now spread across the continents in almost 155 countries. Isn’t it a great achievement. Is this the country which you saw going to be the next super power. YES , if we empower the Indian youth and also give them an opportunity then nothing can stop this nation. We are proud to share few of the global exposures RMP got in the last 10 years.


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There is much more than only Business

RMP is not a money making process. If that was the case then it will not make a home for wonderful human beings. RMP is a factory of achievers as well as good human beings.

The next is a video of “Gandhian Sevana Puraskar 2010” award function. This award is given to leaders who created achievers in society. Mr.Renny Varghese, top leader,motivator of RMP receives this award from Kerala state minister Ramachandran Kadannappally for bringing light to thousands and lakhs of houses around the globe.

Next is a video of “Rajiv Gandhi award” ceremony. Dr.M.Shamsudhin top leader,motivator of RMP receives this award for the best businessman.

Dear friends who are following this blog, understand the power and future of this business and change your mindset about network marketing before you own country India overtakes you…

Its time to FLY !

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The first step

The Future group : Future Group, led by its founder and Group CEO, Mr. Kishore Biyani, is one of India’s leading business houses with multiple businesses spanning across the consumption space. While retail forms the core business activity of Future Group, group subsidiaries are present in consumer finance, capital, insurance, leisure and entertainment, brand development, retail real estate development, retail media and logistics.

Led by its flagship enterprise, Pantaloon Retail, the group operates over 16 million square feet of retail space in 73 cities and towns and 65 rural locations across India.The company follows a multi-format retail strategy that captures almost the entire consumption basket of Indian customers. In the lifestyle segment, the group operates Pantaloons, a fashion retail chain and Central, a chain of seamless malls.

In 2008, Big Bazaar opened its 100th store, marking the fastest ever organic expansion of a hypermarket. The first set of Big Bazaar stores opened in 2001 in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

The group’s speciality retail formats include supermarket chain – Food Bazaar, sportswear retailer – Planet Sports, electronics retailer – eZone, home improvement chain – Home Town and rural retail chain, Aadhaar, among others.

Future Capital Holdings, the group’s financial arm provides investment advisory to assets worth over $1 Billion that are being invested in consumer brands and companies, real estate, hotels and logistics.

Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited
Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited (FGILICL) was incorporated on October 30, 2006 to establish and conduct the business of life insurance in India, which comprises of whole life insurance, endowment insurance, double benefit and multiple benefits insurance etc. The approval for carrying on Life Insurance Business has been received from the IRDA in September, 2007.

CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards 2009
Images Fashion Forum 2009
Coca-Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2009
Indian Retail Forum Awards 2008
The INDIASTAR Award 2008
Retail Asia Pacific 500 Top Awards 2008
Coca-Cola Golden Spoon Awards 2008

Year 2008 Asias No.1 eCommerce company RMP Infotec Pvt.Ltd. and the above mentioned retail giant of India – Future group joined hands together.This is the first step of RMP eCommerce business expansion. Know more about RMP Family Mart Plan, that is the business.

Future Group CEO about RMP :

Please send a mail to for details about the next video:

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